a journey  into the deeper experience of coma

a Film by

Miro Mastropasqua

with Martin Moeller, Arne Fuhrmann, Akemi Nagao, Andrea Chirchio

camera Nina Hoegg editor Julien Binet costume Catia Garcia Pereira

Music Veronica Mota, Patrizia Oliva Sound Antonella Pintus, Claudius Grieger Soundmix Nico teichmann

written, directed and produced by Miro Mastropasqua executive producer Steffen Baermann


On Tour

29. Black International Cinema, Berlin - Germany

(in competition)

Generation Campus, Moscow - Russia

11. Trinity International Film Festival, Detroit - USA

Cinema Jam, London - UK

Search Light International Film Festival, New Delhi - India

(in competition)

International Film Festival of Cinematic Art (IFFCA), Los Angeles - USA


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10. Open Cinema International Film Festival, St. Petersburg - Russia

(in competition)

A young man trapped in a coma gets involved in a conspiracy: a girl is manipulating his shadow in order to take her revenge and to kill him.

10. BUSHO, The Budapest International Short Film Festival, Budapest - Hungary

produced by

distributed by

Underground FilmFest, Munich - Germany

(in competition)

Root Film Festival, Athens - Greece

(in competition)

67. Festival de Cannes - Marche du Film, Cannes - France

Freedom Film Festival, Tampa - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

Student Art Festival, Orlando, Florida - USA
COFFI - Italian Film & Art Festival, Berlin - Germany
Kansk International Video Festival, Kansk - Siberia, RUSSIA
Festiwelt, Lange Nacht der Film Festivals - Berlin, Germany